A Room With A View - LG

LG- Royal College of Art, LUMINOUS Competition 2022

Exhibited: Old Street Gallery, London. September 2022

In collaboration with Devanshi Rungta, and Aleksandra Topaz.

The room before you presents a space from the turn of the 20th century in which the OLED accurate picture quality and cinematic sound features, depict a view seen from the window. Upon closer inspection, the view is realised to be computer-generated, a crafted illusion of the outside world, enhanced by a soundworld of auditory perception in a state of flux. Using game engine rendering software, the installation reflects on the technological progression towards hyper-realistic environments in games and XR experiences.

Our encounter with the world today is constantly filtered through screens, affecting the high quality images we consume and also our material surroundings. While our body is present in the physical world, our mind perceives virtual realities that transcend time and place, teleporting us into parallel worlds. The installation reflects upon this tension between the virtual and the physical, inviting visitors to question and critique what is real, and what is simulated.

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Artist Laura Selby
Based in Croydon, London. UK