Regenerative Fashion Hub
LabE20, London, 2022

The Textile Circulatory Centre
The Royal College of Art

In collaboration with Devanshi Rungta, Xinyi Ren, Cainy Yiru Yan.Cataly

Turn the drum. Watch, feel and listen to witness material transformation. Experience on the nano scale the breakthroughs in research that have become a catalyst for change in the textile industry.

Catalyst was presented as a part of the Regenerative Fashion Hub in London 2022, 
the collaborative installtion piece created in response to the ground breaking research taking place at the Textile Circulatory Centre. 

Catalyst of transformation
As you turn the drum, the visual piece before you tells the story of material transformation. Watch how end of life textiles and bio-waste can be broken down and reformed anew. The images transport you to the nano plane where cellulose molecules grow, entangle and form back into renewed cellulose for circular materials.

As the drum turns, light and shadow envelopes the space around you. A projection of the cellulose fibre structure transports you deeper within the renewed material form. Listen and feel the sounds of the material change of the renewed cellulose. A musical soundscape crafted from recordings capturing the transformation process, reamplified through the table's surface.

Catalyst for change
Become a part of the catalyst for material transformation, as you turn the drum your gesture matches the rate of change in the visuals surrounding you. Through small actions we can contribute to great progressions for change.

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Artist Laura Selby
Based in Croydon, London. UK