Shirley Dawn

 Iklectik Artlab, UoG Immersive Audio Conference

16 channel Ambisonic Composition, Shirley Dawn  

With audio reactive visual piece by Bryan Yueshen Wu and Torchlight Cinema performance by Dr Amy Cutler

Inspired by nature’s dawn chorus, Shirley Dawn plays between the juxtaposition of the natural and urban world, calling on the day. To be listened to in 16 channel ambisonic format.

The composition is made up of a field recording taken at the Addington Hill viewing platform at the end of Spring time May 2020, recording the height of the dawn chorus from 4.30am to 7am, condensed into a 15 minute soundscape. Nature's morning song can be heard transitioning into a more complex sound environment as the urban elements grow in intensity over time. The piece uses musical textures building throughout, drawing towards the final gesture aimed at bringing the listener into a new awakened 

Audio- visual + torchlight performance at Iklectik Artlab, London

November 2021

Immersive Audio Conference, University of Gloucestershire

June 2022


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Artist Laura Selby
Based in Croydon, London. UK