Listen and feel your contaminations spread through the sonic biome...

Audiences are invited to touch, sit and lie down upon the sonic textile structure which resonates with field recordings of ecosystems, imperceivable to the human ear.

Across the textile, conductive threaded forms are embroidered. These are displayed in a rhizomatic formation and visitors are invited to sit, touch and listen. As each embroidered thread is touched, the tracked change in capacitance causes the sounds to evolve towards their visitor's touch.
The reactive response, demonstrates the audience's traces becoming a part of the sonic ecosystem. The speaker drivers beneath the textile, are connected to each species audio, moss, mycelium, insect. This gives a uniquely intimate, spatial and tactile response showing the sonic contaminations we create as we cross different beings in space and time.

Specifically, through touch and listening.

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Artist Laura Selby
Based in Croydon, London. UK